Unlock the Secret to 2x your Business through the 5 A's of Actualization

While working less hours and loving your life!

You Can Have It All...

As a small business owner, you know the grind all too well. You excel in the marketplace, but you might wonder, can you have it all?

Thriving health, fulfilling relationships, robust finances, and a grounded sense of conviction alongside your business success?

I'm passionate about helping you achieve comprehensive success—where personal accomplishment and business achievement are one and the same.

You are capable of greatness in every pillar of life.

I'll guide you to not just grow your business, but also to navigate the path to a fulfilling life that honors your values and aspirations.

Let's redefine success, together.

It's time to have it all.

Uncover How To Double Your Business,

Work Less, and Love Your Life

I'm Dr. G, and I've been helping people like you excel not just in business but in all aspects of life.

Now, I want to introduce you to the CEO Roadmap – a straightforward program designed to enhance your life, both professionally and personally, every single day.

Let's start this journey together and steer your life toward unparalleled success.

Best of all... it's free!


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Dr. Pursley is an incredible speaker and coach. He is truly passionate about helping others to live their best lives and it shows. I have gained so much knowledge that has been extremely helpful in developing my business. Thanks Dr. G! -Julian W.

I met Dr. G at 10 X Growth con and knew he could help me right away. He helped me get in front of the right clients which helped me land multiple contracts worth over 300k in the first 3 months.

There are a lot of personal growth programs on the market, but Dr. Pursley has a sincere way of connecting with people, meeting them where they are, and helping them achieve their goals. Working with Dr. G is a wonderful experience... -Austin B

He has an amazing willingness to learn about me and my situation. He has been willing to share with me how he became successful, what to watch out for, and the path that he is currently on to do bigger and better things. -Kweku A

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Hey, I'm Greg Pursley AKA Dr. G

In 2008, life threw a curveball:

our son’s rare dwarfism diagnosis.

As his health battles consumed us, I mistakenly believed the key to our salvation lay in earning more—working endlessly, chasing financial relief.

This relentless pursuit cost me dearly, sidelining my health, straining my marriage, and shaking my faith.

Only when I faced the harsh reality—that self-neglect was crippling, not aiding, my family—did I resolve to redefine my priorities.

From these trying times, "Fix Your BS" emerged, capturing the essence of personal restoration, proving that wealth isn't just about money, but about cultivating a rich, balanced life.

A Comprehensive Guide to the 5 A's of Actualization

A Comprehensive Guide to the 5 A's of Actualization

Unlock the secrets to success with Dr. G's 5 A's of Actualization: Aim, Accept, Accentuate, Abandon, Apply—your blueprint for a fulfilling life. ...more

The 5 A's of Actualization

January 21, 202411 min read

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